Bible Studies

Seventieth Week of Daniel
Availability Note: This study has been donated to Raphael Shua as an early chapter in his book The Sand Table.

Birth Pangs
The geopolitical climate is heating up. All the current headlines seem to point to the fulfillment of passages found in Ezekiel and Daniel.

Gospel Addendum
The gospel has been clearly laid out within the Bible. However, Mormons believe that the Bible is incomplete and requires additional material to make the plan of salvation complete. The result has led to extreme error as well as a curse of biblical proportions.

Proof of God
What is proof? It is factual evidence that establishes a truth or conclusion. Many say that the existence of God cannot be proven, just believed to exist. But that would mean there is no evidence at all. But is this true or just assumed?

Winnowing the Wheat
God has an interesting way of separating those who wish to believe, from those who choose to scoff or discount. He applies this techniques in various ways to blind or increase spiritual vision.

What Would You Do?
Through history there have been examples of how man’s morality can be influenced toward destructive ends. If you lived during those days do you know where you would stand? This study is a test will provide four issues to see your consistency and a basic idea of where you stand.

Is God One or Three?
The Orthodox Jew has always maintained that God is one and that no other gods exist. Christians believe the same only that God is three-in-one. Who is right? What does the Bible say or imply? The answer may be found encrypted in basic physics.

Getting Past the Guard
Sometimes the concept of salvation can be hard to grasp. To put this procedure into perspective, a fictitious story is employed featuring a famous movie director.

Seven Letters
The words of Jesus do not end in the Gospels, in fact, the most detailed prophecies regarding the age in which we live are found elsewhere. Are we nearing the end of this age? If so, how close are we? The time has come to hear what the Spirit says to the churches.

The Lying Prophet
Ezekiel was given command by God to portray the fate of Jerusalem by lying on his side and cutting his hair. But what did it all mean? How accurate were the pictures and to what were they referring?

John 3:16
One glorious quote from Jesus may encapsulate the entire theme of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. This theme is the key to finding salvation and eternal life.

Do all Roads lead to God?
There is a growing philosophy that whatever God a person worships, in reality they are all the same God manifested in different religious dogma; and that all roads lead to the same place. Though all-inclusive in its approach, it would be wise to take a logical approach toward this subject and avoid an error with eternal consequences.

Joseph and the Seder Cups
The Jewish Passover Seder employs the use of four symbolic cups. These four cups parallel those seen in the story of Joseph and, in type, the relationship between the Jews, the Gentile church and Jesus Christ.

Deciphering the Code
A good portion of scripture is written in a prophetic code. When certain rules are applied, many strange images will take on new life and meaning. All you need is the code. The appendix of this study contains over 300 idioms and their possible meaning.

The Tabernacle-God’s Calendar
The tent of meeting used in the wilderness wandering was structured around seven furnishings. Each of these seven articles mystically parallel with the seven Levitical feasts prescribed by God to Moses. Which, in turn, parallel future Messianic events.

Homosexuality Q&A
This study was inspired by a conversation with a practicing homosexual who claimed to be a Christian. His questions were based upon what he was taught by a local homosexual pastor. After reading this study, please pray for such individuals.

In the Volume of the Book
The messiah was to fulfill prophecy written in the books of Moses and all the prophets. What was the messiah to be like? Has the messiah already come? This treatise contains a list of over 200 of these prophecies and types for personal study.

A Letter from God to Man
There is a fifth Gospel buried within the pages of scripture. This hidden text points to a suffering savior, a promised helper and a praise-worthy, triumphant God.

Keeping the Commandments
What was the purpose of the commandments of God and why were they given in the old testament? Are Christians to keep the Law? These questions are addressed and put into a prophetic and liberating solution for those under legalistic influence.

Literal Prophetic Fulfillment
Though scoffers may disagree, prophecy is history written in advance. There is no greater example of this than the eleventh chapter of Daniel dealing with the power struggle between two of the successor kingdoms of Alexander.

Our Founding Fathers
Compilation of quotes from our Founding Fathers identifying America as being a Christian nation. Includes statistics based on post-1962 withdrawal from the basic principles of truth and morality.

Scriptural Comparison
Scoffers think that scriptural interpretation is subjective; that different meanings can be taken from the same text. To prevent this, God has interjected a back-up system into the Bible. This system can be accessed via scripture comparison.

Seven Gentile Brides
Many Christians know that the church is the engaged bride of Jesus Christ. And since the church is non-Jewish (or gentile) many types of Christ and the church can be seen in the old testament via the uniting of a Jewish bridegroom and a gentile bride. But there is one more facet to this type that seems to have been overlooked.

The Veil
The veil of the tabernacle separated the Holy Place of the temple from the Holy of Holies. Yet this curtain is more than a cloth barrier, it is a model of the suffering Messiah and that by His blood access is made into the very presence of the Most High.

Where Eagles Are
A cryptic statement spoken by Jesus may allude to the rapture of the church and present a caution to students not to take Bible study for granted with assumptions.

Judge Not?
The person not well versed in the Bible loves to wield a verse or two into the face of Christians. One of these is “Judge not lest ye be judged”. To the unlearned, it is another way of saying, “mind your own business”. But what does that mean? Are believers really to never judge?

Who is the “He” that Hinders?
Is there any evidence for a pre-tribulation rapture? One word in the Greek text contains the answer.

The Brazen Serpent
There was a problem in the wilderness that required the construction of a serpent made of bronze and fastened to a pole. That same problem exists today, and again, G-d has provided the solution; which also causes offense and stumbling.

An Introduction to Revelation
The book of Revelation overwhelms the average reader with its cryptic language. The answer to the code-like message can be found within the text of the entire Bible. This study is just an introduction to the vast discovery that awaits the diligent student.